1955 42' Express Cruiser

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1955 42' Express Cruiser

Postby PeeJay » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:58 pm

I am a new member here, having only recently found this site during research on a long time modeling project. I grew up on Grand Island, New York, the home of the Buffalo Launch Club, which had many Chris Craft cruisers and speedboats at its docks back in the 50's. Some of you are probably familiar with the Antique and Classic Boat Show they put on the first Sunday after Labor Day as well.

My first "big" model boat was the Marx 1955 42' Express Cruiser at 18" in length. It is in rough shape now, but a great candidate for a rebuild with R/C, given the much smaller size of today's R/C gear. Over the years, I have obtained the "Essential Guide" and a 1955 Freedom Fleet brochure. I have also been in contact with the Mariners' Museum regarding available drawings, but I have had very limited success in finding photos of this particular model. That may be due to the fact that only eleven of this model were produced in addition to the single hull built out as a Corvette. Because Sterling Models chose to offer the "one-off" 42' Corvette as a kit, however, it seems to have gotten all the attention -- although I have only found one photo of the single Corvette.

I have only found the photo of the 42' Express Cruiser in the Essential Guide and the one in the Freedom Fleet Brochure thus far. I have questions regarding the interior sides of the cockpit area and other details. I know that the same hull was used for the single 42' Corvette, and I do have a set of plans for the Sterling Models 48" model of the Corvette. In addition to restoring my Marx Express Cruiser, I am interested in modifying the larger Sterling Corvette plan to build it as an Express Cruiser as well.

Any photos would be greatly appreciated.

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