Waterproof Paint?

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Waterproof Paint?

Postby island time » Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:12 pm

Ok guys I'm repairing a couple of dings in the bottom of the 23 Commander and getting ready to paint the whole exterior. I've been researching paints to refinish the entire boat and I think Awlgrip looks like a good choice but I found out that it is not made for use below the waterline. I contacted Awlgrip and inquired about this and was told by the sales department that it is indeed not to be used for that purpose. Naturally I asked why and they explained that this paint although a 2-part epoxy finish is NOT waterproof. WHAT? how can this be? Anyway I can use it above the waterline on topsides and decks only so as if this project isn't complicated enough trying to match the "Commander Shark Gray" now I have to do it with 2 different products.
Anybody have such an experience? I don't want to use antifouling paint.

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Re: Waterproof Paint?

Postby Greg Wallace » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:18 am

In my experience the epoxy is OK for occasional / short term immersion when the boat is out of water when not in use. Longest I can recall is about 9 days in the water with no issues. I personally think it is more resistant than mfg will admit or guarantee. Technically speaking, gelcoat is not water proof either.
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