57' constellation rudder stuffing box access

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57' constellation rudder stuffing box access

Postby Jgoring » Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:33 pm

umm.. yay.. I am now the caretaker of Eden (thank you Bill and Roger). I'm trying to determine if there is some way to access the rudder post to service the stuffing box without removing fuel tanks. It will be ridiculously tight, but maybe someone can tell me if I can get to it from under the bulkhead on the master stateroom side? Please? I'd really like to leave the fuel tanks in place. I mean.. they wouldn't have designed this so the only way to adjust that stuffing box is to dismantle all of that, right? Thanks for your input!
57' connie rudder post.jpeg
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Re: 57' constellation rudder stuffing box access

Postby jfrprops » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:40 am

well....technically those are the rudder glans and though the set up is very like the "stuffing box" on a drive shaft...they are a bit different. You don't have nearly the wear and tear because there is no high rpm shaft going on there just the back and forth of the rudder.
Your pic shows age appropriate wear and corrosion....If that thing is not leaking badly I would leave it alone. As you fear there is a lot of dislocation involved in gaining access...and then, with the condition evident in your pic, I would not be at all sure you can disassemble that thing and may end up opening Pandora's box.

How bad is that leak?

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Re: 57' constellation rudder stuffing box access

Postby Jgoring » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:25 am

Hi John -

It doesn't contribute much to bilge water, but leaks enough to keep the immediate area damp(as in the photo). I am inclined to defer addressing it until the next haul out, but I have a long transit down the coast from Oregon to SF coming up. Wondering if I can simply tighten the assembly somehow in place. Going to be fussing with some wire brushes and tools on extensions to see it it can be reached.
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