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Vintage Race Boat Shop Newsletter

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Bill John
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Vintage Race Boat Shop Newsletter

Post by Bill John » Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:38 am

Winter is almost here in beautiful Wolfeboro and we are looking forward to a very snowy and scenic Currier & Ives Christmas season. The Fall foliage is long gone, the temps are now in the 30's and we are still waiting for our first big snow storm. But the ski resorts are making tons of snow and our beloved vintage wooden boats are tucked away safe and sound, sleeping in winter storage. We also just got back from our annual Fall trek down to sunny and warm Florida to spend time with family, watch the Offshore Championships in Key West, and finish up at the 5th annual Roar & Soar vintage regatta. We are now back home and looking forward to a magical holiday season and dreaming of a white Christmas.

Please come join us this Saturday for our Shop Christmas Gathering.....

Shop Christmas Gathering - Saturday morning (9-12) on December 17th
It's that time of the year again, all you locals are invited to join us on Saturday morning, December 17th for our annual Shop Christmas Gathering. We promise to clean up the shop pretty good, throw up some tinsel and lights on the overhead hoist, actually wash the floors and decorate our shop Christmas tree. Last year Barbara Naramore delivered a huge shrimp platter from the WolfeCatch, Brian Small brought his Christmas ham and the food and friends just kept coming. Please come join all the fun with good friends, good food, lots of banter and vintage videos. Ladies are especially welcomed, and all food donations will be cherished and met with standing ovations!!! ... erings.htm

Roar & Soar Vintage Race Boat Regatta - November 11-13, 2011
After years of wanting to make the Roar & Soar vintage event and years of excuses, we made the Fall trek south to sunny and warm Florida again this wear. The weather was sunny and warm, the water was flat and the vintage race boats were beautiful and fast. We also got to see Kermit Weeks and his Fantasy of Flight museum of vintage aircraft. We had a great time and a great vacation. As expected, the boat count was well over 70 boats running some pretty hot laps. Some of the hottest vintage aircraft in the world were also roaring into the skies throughout the day, along with giant scale radio controlled aircraft, powered paragliders and hang glider pilots. Many thanks to Dick Whyte, Marty Ferry and the entire CRA crew for a fantastic vintage event. We had a great time and now Roar & Soar in on our annual schedule so look for our NH Navy again at Roar & Soar in 2012.

The 2012 Vintage Circuit - mark your calendars !!!

Tavares Spring Fling - March 16-18, 2012
During the winter months when the APBA summer vintage circuit is in hibernation, we haul down to sunny and warm Florida to participate in a growing CRA winter vintage circuit. Because of the sunny and warm Florida weather and the flat water on the small inland Florida lakes, these regattas attract large boat counts with well over 75 classic race boats at the last several events. We do have fun running our vintage and classic race boats in the warm Florida sun, and through these CRA sanctioned regattas we also run safely and the public gets a chance to see the rich history of powerboat racing on a growing CRA Winter Vintage Circuit..

Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta 2012 - where it all began !!!
Please mark your calendars for next summer's Clayton Antique Race Boat Regatta on August 16-19, 2012. We are working with Dave Richardson at the Museum and our regatta Website will be posted soon. This will be the 20th anniversary and will be a huge celebration and gathering of our beloved vintage race boats, please join us. ... Photos.htm

The 2011 Vintage Circuit - thank you to all the many volunteers !!!

It is important to remember that these vintage events are really social events, and every event is actually a reunion and gathering of good friends, with our beautiful vintage boats in the background, pulling us together. All are welcome to come join the fun, with or without a boat. We hope you will consider joining these very active organizations, and please be considerate and register early for their events. This lets the volunteer organizers know you are planning to attend, enabling them to properly plan for the boat count for the show/regatta, and the head count for the socials. Please register early and remember - they all need more volunteers !!! ... hedule.htm

ACBS Vintage Events
Many thanks to Gerri Prusko and her crew for a full calendar of local ACBS events including their Spring Romp, 38th Annual Summer Boat Show and the Wolfeboro Fall Car & Boat Rendezvous. Here is the link for our boat show Recap & Photos:

Clayton Antique Boat Museum Events
Many thanks to Fred Schmitt and his crew at the Clayton Antique Boat Museum for another spectacular ACBS boat show. We hauled Scotty, a 1929 Gold Cup Racer to their boat show and got the invite we were looking for, an invitation to display Scotty in the museum's Gold Cup Building, in their Quest For Speed exhibit. Here is the link: ... w-2011.htm

New Hampshire Boat Museum Events
Many thanks to Hank Why at our beloved NH Boat Museum for another full slate of summer events including the antique boat auction, boathouse tour and our Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta. Here is the link for our recap & Photos: ... Photos.htm

APBA Summer Vintage Race Boat Circuit
Many thanks to Butch Kropfeld and his crew at the APBA Vintage & Historic Division. Our first APBA sanctioned vintage race boat regatta was at Clayton, New York in 1992, where we got a chance to run our beloved vintage race boats on an actual race course, running some pretty hot laps. Since then, in the spirit of Gar Wood and Orlin Johnson, we have run our Gar Wood Speedster Obsession on the APBA Vintage Race Boat Circuit. ... Photos.htm

CRA Winter Classic Race Boat Circuit
Many thanks to Dick Whyte and his crew at the Classic Race Boat Association. The CRA is a Florida based organization that was formed to facilitate the exhibition of classic race boats of all types from the early 1900’s to the 1980’s. All classic race boats are welcomed, and during the winter months when the APBA vintage circuit is in hibernation, we haul
My Precious down to sunny and warm Florida to participate in a growing CRA winter circuit.

Shop Updates !!!

Our Beloved Vintage Wooden Boats - project photos & updates
These are some of our favorite vintage wooden boats and most are under our year round care. Please take a moment to wonder through our project WebPages, constantly updated with lots of photos and project updates, posted to keep the owners involved with their projects and to share our passion for these magnificent vintage wooden boats.

Trading Dock – vintage stuff for sale
We also have a few new ads and have posted some price reductions on our Trading Dock, including several vintage race boats, a couple of very nice Chris Crafts, and a few motors. Here is the link for lots of vintage stuff:

Photo Archives of Vintage Events - many fond memories....
In an effort to share all the fun of our vintage events, here are some links to our photo archives of vintage events where we have participated over the years. Lots of adventures, good times, good friends, our beloved vintage wooden boats and of course, lots of food and drink - vintage gatherings. Here is the link to our digital archives, going back to 2001. ... Photos.htm

In closing.....

Saturday Morning Gatherings
If you get a chance, please stop by and join our Saturday Morning Gatherings. We provide fresh pots of coffee, shop projects to discuss, a big screen TV and usually have some vintage boat racing videos playing in the background. If you would like to join our therapy group, put on your grubbies and come join the fun. We usually have around 20/25 vintage wonderers attending, with a couple of stools and chairs, hot coffee, way too many donuts, and lots of good vintage boat banter. Join us, the coffee is usually ready by 9:00 AM - please bring donuts !!! ... erings.htm

And on a personal note.......
Congratulations to our friend Butch Kropfeld, on his position as the new Chairman of the APBA Vintage & Historic Division. We look forward to working with Butch and bringing some common sense back to the APBA vintage rules and event scheduling. ... ision.html

That’s all for now Gang - hope to see you at our Shop Christmas Gathering !!!

Bill John
Vintage Race Boat Shop
603-569-5824 (Shop phone)

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