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Trading Dock Update-FREE ADS!!!!

June 6th 2016

The changes are now complete, Trading Dock has been updated to allow all current CCABC Members to post ads for FREE!!!  Simply use your existing Boat Buzz Username and Password to Log In and sell your stuff!  This is just one of the many enhancements to your Membership that the current Board of Directors has been working on.  Please feel free to contact any of the Board Members with any questions.  Thanks for your continued Membership.


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Rock This Boat!

Posted By: tkhersom on August 27, 2016

Hi Friends! One of our members, Phil Valentine, is restoring a 57' Chris Craft Constellation named Yesterday. Phil is documenting his progress with a series called "Rock This Boat" and the first episode is out now.


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The Brass Bell - Issue 2016-1

Posted By: Al Benton on February 24, 2016

Yes, that is in issue #3. You should receive it in about a month.

Welcome Aboard!

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Larry Jamieson - Vice President

Posted By: Al Benton on August 19, 2016

Thanks Jim!

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Trading Dock Now Free to Members!!

Posted By: JimF on June 6, 2016


We've all seen pictures of your shop, I'm pretty sure it doesn't even need the floor swept, let alone "cleaned out.

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New Website Coming Soon

Posted By: Al Benton on April 3, 2016


Not sure who you are from your Username. If there has been a problem in the past with your membership please contact me at AlBenton@chris-craft.org or admin@c...

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