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Election of Directors

October 16th 2014

Dear Members:

On the morning of November 1, 2014 look for this in your email Inbox:

From: CCABC-Election@CatalystChicago.com

Subject: Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club - Election of Directors

To ensure receipt of this important email please add the above email address to your email Contacts.

This email will include a link to enter the Official Ballot. The link is safe and secure. It is provided by Survey Monkey, the most trusted resource for online surveys and elections.

If you do not have an email address or wish to submit your vote by mailing your ballot you may access a printable version here

To review bios of Director candidates Click Here

Do we have your correct email address? Please check by going to My Account while logged into our website. Here's a shortcut: Go to www.chris-craft.org/account/ and enter your Username and Password. While there also check your mailing address and other contact information.

Catalyst Communication, Inc. has been appointed by the Club Board of Directors as our independent election officials. They will conduct the election, tally the results, and report the outcome to the Board of Directors following the election, which ends on November 15, 2014.

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New Member from Lithuania

Posted By: Al Benton on October 9, 2014

We would like to welcome our latest New Member, Natalja Cerkasova from Lithuania. Some of our European members may be familiar with Memel Werfte in Klaipeda, Lithuania, a unique boat shop that specializes in restoring and customizing old wood boats and building new custom boats.

We ...

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Trading Dock!!!! Check Often

Posted By: Don Ayers on June 16, 2014

Love that 1938 Sportsman! A steal at that price.

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Election of 2015 Directors

Posted By: Al Benton on September 16, 2014

Al, you are right that there are lots of challenges in running a club like ours. I think doing something along the lines I suggest will dispel completely the idea that there is a cabal trying to maintain control of the club. As we both know, in truth, clubs like ours are usually desperately looki...

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Conversation with Jerry Conrad, The Mariners' Museum

Posted By: Bill Basler on June 15, 2006

So how about another printing :-)

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Chris-Craft Sailboat Division Enthusiasts

Posted By: Al Benton on May 25, 2014

Please note that we have added the Sailboat Division to Boat Buzz. Look for it under Chris-Craft Division Enthusiast Groups.

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