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Election Results

January 1st 2014

Fellow Members:

The results are in for the Election of Directors, Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club – Board of Directors.

The results were reported by our election officials, Catalyst Communications, who received and tallied the official electronic and mailed ballots. Listed in order of votes received, the 2014 Board of Directors shall include:

Don Ayers
Al Benton
Jim Frechette
Paul Harrison
Jeffrey Rogers

Many thanks to Robert Macaluso and BK Powell for accepting nominations to become candidates in the election. They both have expressed their willingness to serve the membership this year in other ways, and to be considered for nomination again.

Present Directors Bill Baldwin and Gerry VandeVusse, who are serving the second year of their two-year terms in office, round out the seven-person Board of Directors for 2014.

Voter participation for this election was surprisingly low (less than 10%). We certainly hope to vastly improve on this for our next election this coming November. For those of you that did submit a ballot, Thank You! For all others, please consider taking part in the election process of your elected officials next fall.

More importantly, thanks to all of our members for your continued support of the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club.


2014 Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club – Board of Directors

Don Ayers, Paul Harrison, Bill Baldwin, Al Benton, Jim Frechette, Gerry VandeVusse, Jeff Rogers

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