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Corvette is a naval term used to define small war ships from the days of sail to present time. Corvette is also the name given to the General Motors sports car first introduced in 1953 by Chevrolet. One or both of these identities may have influenced Chris-Craft's decision to name this model. +z$8frZdyL%68pSU/:>w<:E3.lG-!XIB


[edit] Models

Model Year Hull Number Series Quantity Length Beam Notes:
1954CV-36-001 to -0333335'-11"11'
1955C(4S)-37-001 to -0601036'-8"11'1
1955EX-42-201 to -212141'-9"12'-2"2
1968-1969CYFV-36-001 to -020 ('68)2036'-7"12'-5"
CYFV-36-2001 to -2014 ('69)1436'-7"12'-5"
1977MDA-37-6033137'no data3

[edit] Notes

  1. The 1955 37' model was built within the Commander (4 Sleeper) hull series, 10 were Corvette models.
  2. The 1955 42' model was built within the Express hull series. Only one Corvette model was produced.
  3. Built in Fuimicino, Italy before all production was terminated in 1977.

[edit] 1954

[edit] 36' Corvette

Image:Corvette 1954 36'.jpg

The first Chris-Craft Corvette was built on the same hull as the 36' Commander (4 Sleeper) of the same year. The forward cabin layout was identical, however the Corvette model was carpeted. The aft side coaming on the Corvette was high to accomodate the aft cabin roof, giving the center bridge deck the apperence of being a fly bridge although it was at the same level as the Commander bridge. The aft cabin side windows were bullet shaped and equipped with blinds for privacy. The forward vee-birth cabin forward windows were small oval shapes in a solid windshield panel.

[edit] 1955

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[edit] 42' Corvette

Only one 42' Corvette was built and it was not included in the 1955 sales literature. The layout was very similar to the 37' model of the same year but was built within the same hull sequence as the 42' Express model, thus, the forward cabin layout was the same as the 42' Express, 1955 model. This cruiser is possibly still in service in Norfolk, Virginia.

[edit] 1968-1969

[edit] 36' Corvette

Image:Corvette 1968-69 36'.jpg

This Corvette was built for speed, handling and comfort. She was capable of speeds up to 35 mph with twin 300 hp engines. The engines were set further aft utilizing V-drives for balance needed in the ocean racing deep-V hull. This deep-V hull included linear steps to improve slow speed stability. The interior included a comfortable salon with two lounges, one that folded out to a double bed, the other folding up to create twin bunk births. The forward vee-birth was private and included wardrobes and lockers for plenty of storage. An L-shaped galley was equipped with electric refrigerator and range/oven and included a corner sink. A full facility lavatory was opposite the galley.

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