The Story

Helped restore this boat as a sophomore in high school (1959). Finally sold to me 20 years later.

Boat Details

Hull Information

Hull ID 007
Hull Year 1929
Hull Make Chris-Craft
Chris-Craft Division Chris-Craft (1922-1971)
Hull Length 22
Hull Model Cadet
Hull Type Runabout
Hull Model Number
Hull Plant
Hull BSO
Original Boat Information
Engine Make Chrysler
Engine Model Number
Engine Serial Number
Engine 2 Make
Engine 2 Model Number
Engine 2 Serial Number
Wheel Size
Cockpit Upholstery Material
Cockpit Upholstery Color
Cabin Upholstery Material
Cabin Upholstery Color
Ignition Switch Make
Ignition Switch Model
Backordered Parts
Extra Equipment
Shipping Date 0000-00-00
Shipping Address
Shipping City
Shipping State
Boat Name
Hull Card No
Whereabouts Unknown
Current Boat Information
Current Engine Make Chrysler
Current Engine Model Number
Current Engine Serial Number
Current Engine 2 Make
Current Engine 2 Model Number
Current Engine 2 Serial Number
Current Cockpit Upholstery Material
Current Cockpit Upholstery Color
Current Cabin Upholstery Material
Current Cabin Upholstery Color
Current Boat Name
Owner Information
Owner First Name Patrick
Owner Last Name Garland
Owner City Atlanta
Owner State Georgia
Owner Country Fulton
Owner Zip 30327
Owner Phone 404-218-8008
Owner Email
Owner Website
Date Acquired 0000-00-00
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